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Windows Product key – Keep It Safe

What Is The Windows Product Key

If you own a laptop or notebook your Windows product key sticker is usually attached to the base of the machine. You will need to keep this number safe to use if you have to reinstall the windows opperating system. We have found many times that the numbers can wear away over time and once lost they cannot be retreaved if the machine is faulty. It is recommended that you copy this number and keep it safe with the discs and documents that came with it. This will save you time and money should you have a problem. When reinstalling the operating system you should use genuine windows but without the number you may have to purchase a new retail version of windows or office which could cost in exess of £100.

How To Find Your Windows Product Key

Your product key is printed on a small label as shown below.

windows product key



If your product key has already worn off you can get a programme of the internet that will find your product key for you as long as your system is still working. You need to search online for Windows Key finder.

If you would like any further information about the Windows Product Key please contact us and we will be  happy to offer advice. If you are in the Birmingham or Solihull areas we can also visit to help with any problems.

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