May 16

Windows 8 Release Date October 2012

Windows 8Windows 8 will be here in October 2012 according to the Internet grapevine. The computer manufacturers will receive it in the summer to prepare for the rush of eager customers to buy their shiny new Windows 8 machine.

Windows 8 Whats New & Do I Need It ?

Windows 8 will bring a lot of new and useful features which will help the more advanced and heavy computer users. If you are an average user who surfs the Internet, checks emails and facebook etc then you will not need to update unless you were already planning to buy a new computer or laptop.  Even if you are planning to replace your computer it might be wise to wait a while until the inevitable security updates and patches have been released to cure the problems that always affect a new operating system.The other concern is that older software may not be fully compatible with Windows 8. You could find that you have to spend a lot of money buying the latest versions of your favourite applications.

Windows 8 upgrade Or New Computer

Windows 8 will be available to buy and install on your existing computer but it is important to check the system requirements very carefully as new operating systems usually need more memory and hard drive space. According to the download page for the preview version it will work on a system that currently runs Windows 7. I would recommend that if you have XP or earlier you will probably not be able to run Windows 8 successfully. Download Windows 8 preview version here. This version is not the final version so you should only try this if you are an advanced user because there will be later versions released and this preview version will have to be removed and replaced. Before upgrading you should make sure you have your original system discs to reinstall the original operating system . You will also need to make a backup of your data to avoid losing any valuable files. Some modern computers and laptops do not come with a system disc, instead they have a hidden partition on the hard drive which can restore Windows if needed. If you have this type of system you could accidentally delete this partition unless you are familiar with hard drive partitions. If you are unsure it would be advisable to wait for the final version to be released.

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