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Which Antivirus Is Best

To decide which antivirus is best there are a lot of things we need to ask first. Every computer user is different in that they all have different needs from antivirus software. If you are a heavy Internet user downloading lots of files and emails then you will need a higher level of protection than someone who uses their computer for simple web browsing.

Which Antivirus Is Best For A Heavy Internet User

AntivirusAlthough there are a lot of free antivirus programmes out there they are not usually strong enough to protect against the threat from continuous browsing and downloading from all over the Internet especially if you use your computer or laptop for banking and online purchases. There are a lot of programmes to buy at a reasonable price. Most of them will have to be renewed every year.

The programme that most people will recognise is Norton Antivirus and Security. I have used this over the years and have found it to be very good. It updates itself and runs without problems on most computers. If you have an older computer it is best to check the system requirements and memory.  If your system can run it then the security suite is best but on systems with less memory it can be best to use just the antivirus programme. Other top antivirus programmes that rank well in reviews are Kaspersky, BitDefender, Trend Micro and McAfee.

What Is The Cost Of The Best Antivirus Software ?

I personally find that I can usually save money by buying from Amazon and delivery is very quick. Buying from a retail store can be expensive. It is possible to buy and download your software but It is better to have a physical product that you can use if you need to reinstall if your system fails. At the time of writing Norton Antivirus is around £22 from Amazon, Kaspersky from £15.49, BitDefender Trend Micro and McAfee about the same for the basic versions. It has to be said that they all come in higher end more expensive versions depending on the level of security you think you require.

 Which Antivirus Is Best For A Light User

A light use can use a good free antivirus programme if cost is an issue. Although it is best to purchase the best antivirus you can get for your budget, not everyone can afford to spend money every year to renew the subscription to the antivirus programme. Of the free antivirus programmes AVG Free is well known and give a goo basic protection which would protect a lot of light Internet users from most threats. It can be freely downloaded over the Internet. You do have to be careful to tick the box for the free version as there is a paid version available. Some other well known free antivirus programmes are Panda Cloud Antivirus, Avira Free and Microsoft Security Essentials.

AVG Free can be downloaded from AVG FREE Antivirus. remember to click on the FREE version.

If you would like any advice about which software would be suitable for your needs please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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  1. Mhara

    for a gaming cmtouper ,u need registry softwares like advanced registry optimiser or ccleaner . (for registry issues )then , if u have more ram ( > 4gb ) then use mcafee .and update your antivirus every 2-3 days.or use quick heal .use firewall like zone alarm or black ice .also check microsoft softwares .download patches from microsoft’s website.also use software like game booster to increase gaming speed.this will give you full protection .i think this is the best answer for your question.

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