Laptop Screen Repairs Birmingham From Only £60

Laptop Screen Repair

Impact Damage. Needs Replacing


Laptop screen repairs can vary in price depending on a number of factors. The laptop model, size and if the laptop screen is LCD or LED.

Some companies can charge £90 or even over £100 so it is best to find a good deal. Our price to replace your laptop screen starts from only £60 for most standard 15 inch widescreen laptops.



Laptop Screen Repair Free – Collection & Return

This picture shows a screen that has been stepped on and would need to be replaced. This is a laptop which we recently repaired for £60 including collection and re delivery. This laptop has an LED screen

Laptop Screen Flickering Or Very Dark

A flickering laptop screen can be caused by a faulty inverter which is a small component that supply’s power to the lamp which lights the back of the LCD screen . This is a less expensive repair. If you have the newer LED screen type there is no inverter so this symptom could be due to a loose connection. This would require a call out to investigate.

Call for a competitive no obligation quote. Give us your laptop make and model and we will sort out the rest for you.

Please call or contact us if you would like any help of advice.