Apr 17

How To Use Windows Task Manager

Windows Task manager is a useful tool to help you see why your computer may not be running properly. It wil tell you if your system is short of memory (ram) which could be making your computer run very slowly. It also shows how much of your processors capacity you are using. If your processor is running near the maximum for a lot of the time you may be running applications which are too intensive for your system or you could have a virus or other malicious software worling in the background slowing down your system.
The video below shows how to check how much of your systems resources you are using and if you may need to upgrade your memory or processor.
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  1. Riti

    Ето какво е решението: Съвета с изключването на тока не сработи и при мене. remove the dvicee from the Device Manager, and then go to control program add new hardware or programs, and detect the dvicee, this will fix it.The error means that for some reason your registry has been damaged. Have you been playing around with stuff on your pc, that you have no idea what it is?Either that or you have somehow got a virus. If you have an antivirus program run it first before you do the above listed steps, to first remove any viruses.

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