Mar 06

Computer Hacking – Protect Yourself

Computer hacking stories have been in the media a lot lately, with even very large companies having their systems hacked into and credit card details or other top secret information being stolen.  This is big business with large groups of these hackers working together to fleece anyone they can of their hard earned money or personal information.

Computer Hacking – What Should You Do To Stay Safe

Most modern computers come with a built in firewall which stops unwanted incoming connections from the Internet. Your Internet router should also have a built in firewall but if you use a wireless connection it is very important to ensure you have a strong password and an up to date router with good encryption to help avoid the computer hackers breaking in through your wireless connection. You may have heard about people scanning for open wireless connections to use your internet for free or worse still to see if they can collect personal data such as bank or credit card details.

 Software To Stop Computer Hacking

These days its not enough to have a basic antivirus programme if you are more than just a very basic Internet user. If you use your computer for online banking or shopping then it would be wise to invest in a good Internet security programme. To get a good level of safety there are some quality programmes by the larger providers such as Norton and McAfee. These are just 2 of the large companies but if you search online for reviews you should find some other good software for a lower price but remember if you cut corners you may not have adequate protection.

Computer Hacking Web Sites And Email Scams

Avoid using web site that contain explicit adult or pirate software or movies as they can have spyware or viruses which can infect your computer and send out information over the Internet. You should also be careful not to open suspicious emails from untrusted sources as viruses and spyware can infect your computer from just clicking afile from an email

If you would like to ask us any questions or would like to warn others about problems you have had with computer hacking or scam emails we would be happy to publish them here for our readers to see.

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  1. Kerim

    One other thing you might try is system retrose . Go to Start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system retrose. Sometimes you can retrose your computer to before you got the virus. It has worked for me before. If you have Norton you will have to turn off tamper protection for it to work. That’s about all the tricks I know. I recommend Firefox with ad block and no script once you get it fixed. Good Luck

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