Dec 02

Computer Backup – Do It Now Before Its Too Late

A lot of the systems we work on have not had a computer backup carried out. One of the most common faults we deal with is computers not starting due to a  failed hard drive, which can mean that your data is lost. There is nothing worse than losing all the files that you have built up Computer Backup Faulty Hard Driveover the years. Once your system crashes the cost of recovering your files can be quite high. If the hard drive is still working you can connect it to another computer to download the data before formatting and reinstalling the operating system. If the disk has failed then the only way to recover the information is to sent it to a specialist data recovery company but this can cost hundreds of pounds.  These days backing up your computer of laptop can be very simple.

How To Make A Computer Backup

The easiest way to create a computer backup is to use an external USB hard drive and you can use a backup programme which can be downloaded free from the internet. There are a lot of programmes available ranging from free to professional backup software suites. The latest solution is a click free computer backup drive which automatically backs up your system when you plug it in to the USB slot.

What Files Should You Included In Your Computer Backup

When you make a backup you should include all of your important documents,. Pictures word documents and anything important to you. You also have the option of including your whole system in your computer backup so if you have a disaster you can restore your whole system.

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