Common Computer Faults

Your computer seems dead with no lights or fan sounds

First check power cable & fuse. If that is ok then it could be the power supply has failed. This can be replaced and the computer will function normally. in some cases the computer can be damaged by a power surge from the faulty power supply. We can visit to check that there is no damage and replace the power supply.

Blue screen appears with lots of white writing (Computer has crashed)

This is known as the blue screen of death and is one of the most common computer faults that can occur. It can be caused by a hardware problem with a device driver or programme that has recently been installed. this type of problem will usually require professional help. If you have some experience you can try uninstalling any recent software or hardware which may be creating a conflict in your system. You could also try using system restore.

Your computer has lots of pop up windows with adverts or adult images slowing down or crashing the computer.

There is a virus, spyware or adware infection. This can be removed with a good antivirus or adware programme. Sometime this is not always successful and the computer may need to be cleaned and Windows reinstalled. The engineer will backup your data for you before formatting your hard drive if you do not have an up to date backup of your files.

The Computer Is Running Very Slowly

The hard drive may be full or need defragmenting. You may need more memory to enable your computer to run more efficiently.

These are just a few of the most common computer faults. We will be updating this page to include more free hints and tips to keep your computer running smoothly.

If the fault still persists please contact us for free advice or a competative quote to visit and carry out repairs.

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