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Oct 01

The Police Virus – What it Does And How To Protect Yourself


We have recently had to deal with the latest version of the Police Virus or “Ransomware”. If you open an infected file or web page your computer becomes locked and displays a page which informs you that your computer has been locked by the police because you have been involved in illegal activities on line. …

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Mar 29

Which Antivirus Is Best


To decide which antivirus is best there are a lot of things we need to ask first. Every computer user is different in that they all have different needs from antivirus software. If you are a heavy Internet user downloading lots of files and emails then you will need a higher level of protection than …

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Mar 06

Computer Hacking – Protect Yourself

Computer hacking stories have been in the media a lot lately, with even very large companies having their systems hacked into and credit card details or other top secret information being stolen.  This is big business with large groups of these hackers working together to fleece anyone they can of their hard earned money or …

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